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Dreambridge Workshops & Courses
see calendar for current dates

Parents of Young Children  ~  Dream Circle

This course of dream circles is for adults whose children have strong dream recall and/or nightmares.  Young children feel more comfortable sharing their dreams with a parent or other close relative they feel they can trust.  In this class, you will learn ways to deepen your understanding of the dream process and ways to increase personal empowerment and reduce fear for both you and your children.

Dream Stories, Art & Writing
Children (age 7 -10)

This class will provide a primary education about some of the differences between the dream and waking worlds.  In this series, young dreamers will hear multi-cultural dream stories such as the Senoi-inspired series of adventures about Taio-m the dream warrior, and his tiger, Sido-t.  After hearing stories, the following class will allow an artistic process of drawing, painting, sculpting, or collage from each story.  This allows a healthy, natural weaving between inner and outer experience.  Older children will have the opportunity to also rewrite/tell stories in their own way, write poems, songs, or short plays about the stories. 

“(Angel) helped me learn not to be afraid in my dreams, and how to turn enemies in my dreams into friends.  I always used to go to her for help but what she taught me has made me braver.”
- Luke A. age 10

Dream-Arts Classes
Dreamers (age 11 – 13)

*Active Imagination & Lucid Dreaming
*Dream Art
*Dream Writing & Poetry
*Improvisational Dream Theater

Dreamers of this age are usually ready and willing to begin sharing their dreams with others, and to play with them creatively. Pre-teens and young teens suddenly experience the world differently than they did as children.  We will establish trust through the community building skills of safety and confidentiality.  Dream-Arts methods and techniques will be taught and practiced at the fun pace that is appropriate for this age.

Dream Circle
Teens (age 14 – 17)

Adolescents learn to bridge their dreams creatively into the realm of the social by simply sharing some experiences, and collaborating with others.  Through the social act of participating in a Dream Circle, teens can learn to develop a common dream vocabulary, and cultivate compassion and open-mindedness to the experience of others.

“Talking about my dreams has helped me in many ways.  What I’ve noticed in people around my age, when they talk about their dreams, they’re mostly talking about everything that happens and not the abstract feeling of it or what it could mean.  In the dream circle, you get to discuss all that.”   
- A.M. age 13

Creative Writing from Dreams & Nightmares
Teens (age 14 – 17)

Many writers (and screenwriters) throughout history have drawn upon their dreams and nightmares for inspiration.  Writing taken from dreams can be a powerfully transformative and healing process, especially with nightmares, as was Mary Shelley’s creation of Frankenstein.  This class will help teenagers give expression to their unique and often intense inner world through writing.  The Teen Dream Circle is recommended in collaboration with this.

Dream Drama
Teens (age 14 – 17)

In this workshop, teen dreamers will learn and practice improvisational skills with their own dream material.  The players will learn to support each other playfully and creatively, while considering the needs of each dreamer.  Dreamers will learn how to direct the course of their own dreams beyond the dream life and bridge them into the waking life with an accessible cast of characters.  Wear comfortable clothing that you can move in.  The Teen Dream Circle is recommended in collaboration with this.

Dream-Arts Classes
Young Adults (age 18 – 25)

*Dream History

*Dream Cultures

*Dream Science

*Dream Psychodrama

*Dream Psychology

*Lucid Dreaming

*Dream Art


Learn about and experience perspectives from many different cultures on dreams, including the current scientific paradigms.  Lecture and discussion formats, as well as experiential group and individual learning.  Some classes require comfortable clothing for movement, and some require clothing you can get paint on and be creative in.  Together we will be cultivating a respectful space for open-minded exploration. 

Dream Circle & Dream Expression
Adults (18+)

This unique series includes four regular Dream Circles, Dream Expression Assignments to be individually discussed and agreed upon, chosen to match the interest and talent each person has within a chosen arts discipline (a process I call “dream-bridging”), and three Friday evening Dream Expression Showings of your artistic work.  This connects the individual’s work back to the community and completes the “bridge.”  Included early in the month to get your creative juices flowing: a Saturday evening Dream Salon, in which a variety of art forms will be shared by all, on a specific dream theme.

“Angel Morgan’s dream circle lent me a sense of three-dimensionality to my dreams, so that I could feel a palatability to the visuals I experienced and their link to my everyday pursuits.”  
- T. Ginli

Workshops are priced accordingly; see calendar for updates.

Individual dream sessions: $100/hr.

One Hour Dream Consultation by phone: $100

One Dream Consultation by email: $40

Pay for courses/workshops via Paypal
as you are scheduled. (prices will vary)

Contact Information

To register for a Dreambridge Workshop, or to schedule an individual dream session, contact angel@thedreambridge.com or call (541) 482-8954.


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